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Article Published in the March-April, 2016 Edition of Pittsburgh Avenue West Magazine

TELETAX…MIND, HEALTH AND MILLIONS: Protect Yourself from Fraud, Schemes & Scams

by Michele J. Gaines, B.A.C.P. EA 

Very little in our society makes us feel secure in every aspect of our lives. But having an avenue that helped us to sift through financial messes like Teletax, the pre-recorded phone line that provided information and answers in over 150 tax topics, eased many tensions.

Teletax was a great resource since one of the major factors that impedes us from safeguarding our mind, health and money is a lack of information, which is what all scammers and thieves thrive on. When scammers call or email us, they identify themselves as IRS personnel, make threats and dare you to question them. They insist you owe an amount of money to the IRS and if you don't pay them, your next night will be spent in jail or on a boat back to your country of origin. Well, all of their rant is just that, because IRS has specific procedures for all of how your tax matters are handled.

Although Teletax was terminated in January 2016, help is still available for all tax matters especially procedures, collection and notices. So, the next time someone calls, sends you email or threatens you, respond by letting them know your resolution of the facts are better handled using methods outlined by the real IRS, and then hang up and call IRS at their regular toll free number at 800.829.1040 and get accurate information for help resolving any tax matter.

Michele is a federally licensed tax professional, admitted to practice with unlimited rights of representation before IRS.

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