Jackson Gaines

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Federal & State Tax Projects:

   Tax, Audits, Forensic Accounting & Amendments: Federal and State

2008-Present Forensic Accounting Investigations, Preparation for Examination and Representation of Individual Taxpayers, Businesses, Independent Contractors, LLC’s and S & C Corporations of Complex Tax Issues:

Issue:               Resolve $73,502 Federal Tax Lien resulting from Spouse’s Liability

Strategy:        Prepare & file 1040X Amended Return w/Injured Spouse Requests. 

Resolve:         2014 case. RESOLVED, December, 2015. Client-Spouse Relieved of Liability.

Issue:              Resolve $100,000 Federal Audit Tax Assessment for Business Taxpayer 

Strategy:       Forensic Accounting on Subject Return; Return Amended; Audit Report.

Resolve:        Taxpayer’s liability reduced and Taxpayer received $13,000 Refund.

Issue:              Resolve $6,000.00 Federal Tax Liability for Business Taxpayer.

Strategy:       Forensic Accounting on Federal & State Returns; Returns Amended.

Resolve:        Taxpayer’s Federal Liability reduced to $1.00. Taxpayer received $329 Refund on PA-40 Return.

Issue:             Resolve $65,000.00 Federal Tax Liability for Individual Taxpayer 

Strategy:      Forensic Accounting on Subject Return; Offer in Compromise (OIC).

Resolve:       Approved. Taxpayer’s Liability dismissed.

Issue:            Resolve $100,000 Federal Tax Liability for Business Owner.

Strategy:     Prepared and Filed an Offer in Compromise (OIC). 

Resolve:      Pending Approval.  APPROVED IN 2014 – Taxpayer Liability $0

Issue:           Resolve $100,000 Federal Tax Liability for Business Owner

Strategy:    Prepared and Filed and Offer in Compromise (OIC). 

Resolve:     Approved. Taxpayer Liability Reduced.

Issue:           Resolve $50,000.00 Pennsylvania Tax Liability for Business Taxpayer

Strategy:    Prepared P&L; Prepared & Filed PA Tax Forms 

Resolve:     Taxpayer’s Liability to $0; Taxpayer Refunded $2,000.

Issue:           Resolve $10,000 Federal Tax Liability for Individual /Self-Employed Taxpayer.

Strategy:    Prepared and Filed Federal 1040/Schedules

Resolve:     Reduced Taxpayer’s Liability to $0.