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Article Published in the July-August, 2016 Edition of Pittsburgh Avenue West Magazine

Managing Your Tax Life

By: Michele J. Gaines, B.A. C.P. EA

There are so many variables operating in our life today, many of which are questionable, unreliable and some certain to hurt in ways that may be unrecoverable. So when I find something that steers me in a direction of safety, reliability and trustworthiness, I gravitate toward it like you don’t know. When I was a teenager working or better yet, a student in college, working summers, I had no idea of how to manage tax matters because information regarding such informational secrets were out there and available, just not reliable. Today, as unpopular as it is, truth is absolutely truth and by not knowing or accepting tax truth for what it really is, or for what it really shows us, those unreliable tax variables can spearhead us in directions that truthfully, become unrecoverable.

There are answers to all life’s questions and then there are truthful answers to those same questions. Given the instincts that we have inbred, finding truthful answers is a journey we all take for ourselves. We can either enjoy that journey because we gravitate to the truth about ALL tax matters or we can self-destruct because we do not. Which path are you on?

Living in a democracy bears witness to tax truth and what you need to know to live according to that truth. I learned that as a young person and that’s when taxation became extremely important to me and a crucial element for life’s growth. I share this with you because it’s the truth.

Knowing the truth about how to manage your tax life is not difficult. It takes a little work, a little reading, posing questions to the right tax experts and following the breadcrumbs of tax management so that at the end of the trail, you will not fall off the tax earth head first into something that is unrecoverable.

Michele is a federally licensed tax professional, admitted to practice with unlimited rights of representation before IRS.

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